Common name: Whimbrel Binomial name: Numenius phaeopus Description: It is a 40cm long wader in the Scolopacidae family, with mainly greyish- brown upper plumage and white back. It has a prominent brown lateral eye stripe and broad whitish brow which distinguishes it from the larger Eurasian curlew. It also has a long curved bill. Call:... Continue Reading →

Lesser Adjutant

Common name: Lesser Adjutant Binomial name: Leptoptilos javanicus Description: A large 120 cm wading bird in the Ciconiidae stork family. It has a pale head, black upper plumage and white belly. During breeding season, its face is reddish and its neck orange. It retracts its neck in flight. It lacks the pendulous neck pouch seen... Continue Reading →

Pink- necked Green Pigeon

Common name: Pink- necked Green Pigeon Binomial name: Treron vernans Description: A frugivore medium- sized 30cm pigeon. The adult male has a grey head, pinkish neck and upper breast, with green back and wings. The adult female has mostly green plumage, with mild yellow tones. Call: Not particularly vocal, makes whistling calls, sometimes ending with... Continue Reading →

Oriental Magpie-Robin

Common name: Oriental Magpie-Robin Binomial name: Copsychus saularis Description: A small 19cm Muscicapidae (Old World flycatchers family), the male has black upperparts and head, with a white shoulder streak. Its underparts are mostly white. The female is greyish black above, and greyish white below. Call: Sings a melodious series of rising and falling whistles from... Continue Reading →

Black- naped Oriole

Common name: Black-naped Oriole Binomial name: Oriolus chinensis Description: A 25cm passerine bird with golden plumage, a pink bill and a broad black mask and nape. The juvenile has a streaked underside. Call: Usual call a very nasal "ieeeeee", and its song is a flute- like "ieeee weee weeee- eawwwww" Diet: Berries, grains, small insects... Continue Reading →

Blue- throated Bee- eater

Common name: Blue- throated Bee- eater Binomial name: Merops viridis Description: Adults may grow to 30cm, including tail streamers. Their throats are a signature blue; and they have mostly bluish- green plumage with mahogany crowns and mantles, black eyestripes and a bluish streamer tail. Juveniles are mostly green, and lack the spectacular crown and mantle.... Continue Reading →

Painted Stork

Common name: Painted Stork Binomial name: Mycteria leucocephala Description: A large sized 95cm tall stork that has a bare reddish head and a heavy yellow down- curved beak. It has a distinctive black breast band with white scaly markings, which continues along the underwing, resulting in white stripes running across the underwing. Call: Weak moans,... Continue Reading →

Milky Stork

Common name: Milky Stork Binomial name: Mycteria cinerea Description: A medium sized 95cm tall stork, its plumage is completely white except for a streak of black flight feathers. This white portion is suffused with a pale creamy yellow during breeding season, hence the term "milky". This milky plumage is absent when off- season. The bare... Continue Reading →

Common Tailorbird

Common name: Common Tailorbird Binomial name: Orthotomus sutorius Description: A small 10cm songbird from the Cisticolidae family. It is a brightly coloured bird with bright green- brown upperparts and a creamy- white belly. It has short and rounded wings and a sharp bill with a curved tip. Call: Loud cheeup-cheeup-cheeup Diet: Insects including beetles, nectar... Continue Reading →

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