Milky Stork

Common name: Milky Stork

Binomial name: Mycteria cinerea

Description: A medium sized 95cm tall stork, its plumage is completely white except for a streak of black flight feathers. This white portion is suffused with a pale creamy yellow during breeding season, hence the term “milky”. This milky plumage is absent when off- season. The bare facial skin is dark maroon usually, but changes to a deep wine red during breeding, and later to a pale red after courtship. Its usually dull pinkish- yellow downcurved bill turns deep yellow during courtship.
Its close relation, the painted stork is slightly larger.

Call: Usually silent when not breeding. At nests, it utters a falsetto “fizz” call.

Diet: Fish, amphibians, crustaceans

Habitat: Lowland coastal regions- mangrove, freshwater and peat swamps, estuaries

Native countries: Southeast Asia

IUCN Conservation Red List: Endangered (Its global population numbers about 1,500 individuals in the wild)

Fun facts: Especially in captivity in National Zoo of Malaysia and Singapore Zoo, milky storks and painted interbred to produce hybrid offspring.

Click here for the painted stork:

2019. 9. 25 Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore
2019. 8. 14 Milky Stork (Left), Painted Stork (Right), Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore

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