Black- naped Oriole

Common name: Black-naped Oriole

Binomial name: Oriolus chinensis

Description: A 25cm passerine bird with golden plumage, a pink bill and a broad black mask and nape. The juvenile has a streaked underside.

Call: Usual call a very nasal “ieeeeee”, and its song is a flute- like “ieeee weee weeee- eawwwww”

Diet: Berries, grains, small insects

Habitat: Forests, gardens, plantations

Native countries: All throughout Asia

IUCN Conservation Red List: Least concern

Fun facts: During courtship they indulge in highspeed aerial chases, with the males all chasing after the female. It has been known to raid the nests of other birds.

2019. 9. 27 Taman Melati, Sungai Petani, Kedah
2020. 1. 17 Dairy Farm Nature Reserve

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